Mobile Parking Payment: How to raise awareness among your drivers?

Mobile Parking Payment: How to raise awareness among your drivers?

Having a mobile parking payment solution is a way for local authorities and other parking management entities to simplify the lives of drivers. Time savings, flexibility, and even cost savings are among the many benefits. However, while the adoption of these payment solutions is on the rise, many parkers continue to use parking meters out of habit or due to a lack of information. In this article, we will explore various free and easy-to-implement strategies to raise awareness among your drivers and make this innovative transition a success.

Raise awareness among your teams

From municipal staff to field agents, as well as familiar faces in your community (local businesses, associations, etc.), a well-informed team is the key to getting drivers in your area to embrace the service. There is no one better than your own representatives to address concerns and answer users' questions. Train your teams on the advantages of mobile payments and turn them into enthusiastic ambassadors. This way, every interaction with a parker becomes an opportunity to introduce an effective solution that will simplify their travels!

Note: At PayByPhone, we have developed dedicated resources for field agents (user guides, frequently asked questions, etc.). Don't hesitate to make a request!

Update your website

Your website is an essential resource for your residents and visitors seeking parking information. By ensuring that information about mobile payments is clearly visible on your mobility or dedicated parking page, you provide a direct response to a driver in search of answers.

This is an opportunity to provide all the necessary elements to support your parkers: user guides, instructional videos, download links, etc.

Note: Our team of experts will do everything possible to assist you in updating your website, providing advice, visuals, links to download the PayByPhone app, and customized language elements.

Utilize your local media

Your local media, such as magazines, newspapers, mobile apps, or social media platforms, are ideal channels for promoting mobile parking payment. Naturally, your drivers turn to these sources to stay informed about local news, and there is nothing more credible and reassuring for them than a message coming from your own communication tools. For even more engagement and education, why not organize a Q&A session on your social media platforms?

Note: From press releases to visual elements, our team is at your disposal to assist you with these channels.

Involve your local businesses

Professional travel represents most daytime automotive activity. Therefore, it is essential to involve your local businesses in your mobility solutions. By converting a local business to mobile parking payments, many drivers will use this tool to simplify their travels every day! Additionally, remote parking payment offers numerous benefits and significant time savings for professionals.

Note: PayByPhone Business is a dedicated offering for businesses that simplifies employees' travel and expense management. Visit the Business section of our website to learn more.

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