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PayByPhone’s emissions-based solution – Emitless 

Emitless encourages drivers to ‘emit less’ by linking parking tariffs directly to vehicle emissions or fuel types. The first time a driver parks at an Emitless location, the vehicle’s emission information is checked. Environmentally-friendly vehicles pay less and vehicles emitting more air pollutants pay more.  Parking operators can customize tariffs to meet specific goals. 

Motorists are informed about the environmental impact of their vehicle when they park. And there is no adverse impact on the parking operator’s bottom line.

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Cleaner, safer air

Air pollution is an increasing environmental threat to health. Air pollutants from vehicle emissions cause chronic illness, shorten life expectancy and damage lung development in children. Emitless becomes a powerful behavioural-change tool - significantly improving local air quality. 

Reach your goals

Achieve specific goals by basing tariffs in Emitless on any combination of Tier 1, 2, 3 Standards, CO2 bands or fuel type. Emitless rates can apply to select locations, to groups of locations or to all locations. 
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Results driven

Emitless helps to drive down the number of polluting vehicles, and drive up the number of green vehicles – a win for you, your area, your residents – and for a cleaner, greener world. 
Easily set tariffs icon

Easily set tariffs

You choose how to set your tariffs - based on Tier 1, 2, 3 Standards, CO2 bands or fuel type
Real-time reporting icon

Real-time reporting

Find out exactly the impact the revised tariff structure is making to the types of vehicles parking, and where
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Download vehicle emission information

Find out fuel type, CO2 emissions, and Euro status for cars in your area

Reviews & testimonials

“PayByPhone’s cashless parking system has made parking across Peterborough easier and more convenient for those who live and work in the city and also for our visitors. Its Extend-From-Anywhere, Maps and Nearby Parking features add to its convenience, enabling people to find spaces more quickly and stay in town longer, which benefits Peterborough’s shops and restaurants. From the Council’s perspective, PayByPhone is a great company to work with. The system was set up quickly and offers us many useful insights into parking habits in the City,”
Councillor Marco Cereste
Cabinet Member for Street Scene at Peterborough City Council
“The new system has been really successful here so far, with over 8,000 payments made in the first fortnight. The feedback from motorists has been that the system is easy to use. The fact that you can pay from your phone means you can top-up when you’re out shopping in the street, so it’s really convenient for people using our car-parks.”
Gwenan Huws Tomos
Gwynedd Council’s Parking Service Team Leader
“We have been using the Rights and Rates feature for a couple of years now to offer a concessionary parking rate to [hospital] staff. It replaced our previous scratch card permit system, which was incredibly problematic as the cards would often get lost or damaged and replacing them wasn’t straightforward. Rights and Rates was easy to implement and was welcomed by all our staff.”
Wasim Ahmed
Supervisor for National Car Parks (EUK) Limited, (Croydon University Hospital)
“We link the costs of our pay-to-park services in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to CO2 emissions because we want to encourage everyone visiting the borough to drive more environmentally friendly cars. By reducing pollution levels, we can all benefit from better local air quality. The work and support from PayByPhone have been instrumental in delivering this ambition.”
Andrew Vennard
Head of Parking Services, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
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