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Smarter parking for your business
The to-do list for a busy fleet manager is long and complex - controlling costs, avoiding information overload, satisfying compliance regulations. That’s why services that help manage large, on-the-go workforces are at the top of any business-critical needs list. 

Now, parking payments are one less thing to worry about, thanks to a scalable fleet-centric solution from PayByPhone. 

Save time and money

Find out how much time and money you could save by moving your fleet over to PayByPhone Business ! 👇
Save 4420 hours a month* by centralising parking expenditure in the PayByPhone Business portal. No longer do drivers need to be out of pocket. No longer does the business need to waste time processing expense claims.
Save £10 on parking fines per month** thanks to drivers no longer needing to pay themselves, our clever alerts & extend functionality.
The savings in the calculator are given for information only.
* The estimated time is based on the average time spent per driver on processing expenses, based on feedback from PayByPhone Business customers.
** The financial saving is based on average PCN avoided thanks to PayByPhone Business, based on feedback from our corporate customers.

Simplified parking management

Fleet management has never been so simple with PayByPhone Business. A company can add as many vehicles – in bulk – as they want. Fleet managers can add, remove and authorise drivers and vehicles easily. Payment can be made from one credit card for all drivers for maximum simplicity.
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How to use the PayByPhone app to pay for parking


Your drivers no longer need to pay out of pocket and keep track of all those receipts – saving time and hassle for them. It also means no more time-consuming monthly expense reports for the fleet admin.
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Perfect for grey fleets

Grey fleet drivers have to distinguish what can be claimed on expenses. With PayByPhone Business, they can simply switch between business and personal payment cards on our app.
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Clever alerts

Drivers are alerted before their parking session is due to expire, avoiding costly parking tickets.
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Fast parking

Authorised drivers pay for parking in just 15 seconds using our app – that’s a 75% faster transaction time than other payment methods.

Detailed reporting 

With the detailed Reporting Suite, PayByPhone Business users have real-time visibility of who is parking where and when. A variety of reports is available, including historical and current reports. And for greater convenience, you can have multiple admins on the account. 
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Choose the offer that suits you

Whether you are a growing business or a well-established company, we have an offer that will suit your needs.
ideal for companies with less than 10 drivers
per driver / month (price does not include VAT)
Run your Business account independently: manage approved vehicles and drivers, authorise access to your payment method, view your parking expenses and review your monthly statements.
Ideal for companies with less than 10 drivers
Unlimited number of vehicles
Online assistance
Parking reports and monthly statements
Driver activation by SMS / Email
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ideal for companies with More than 10 drivers
Personalised plans from £1.99
per driver / month  (price does not include VAT)
Are you a larger company managing complex fleet operations? Configure your team’s parking to fit your business needs. Benefit from personalised support and tailored pricing.
Ideal for companies with more than 10 drivers
Unlimited number of drivers and vehicles
Dedicated premium support service
Parking reports and monthly statements
Driver activation by SMS / Email
Customised account configuration
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