Donate your used devices!

Green Christmas is back!

We're partnering with Ealing Council to set up donation stations in your area where you can donate any unused devices to those in need, in your area.

We want to put an end to digital poverty

We have partnered with Ealing Council and Digital Poverty Alliance to support the fight against digital poverty by donation unwanted devices and redistributions the refurbed ones back into the local communicaty.

26% of young people have no access to device

Digital inclusion is no longer something that’s a nice to have, its now an essential. Whether it’s accessing education or seeking job opportunities its now a core part of how we live. Here at PayByPhone we want to help make a change and make small steps towards reducing the gap. Donate your Device allows you to donate any unwanted devices (laptop, tablets or phones) and redistribute them back into the Ealing community. By donating your old devices, you can contribute directly and help tackle this issue.

How to donate

We've worked with your local Council to help set up local 'donation stations' where you can drop off any unused devices.
The suppliers we have partnered with have ADISA accreditation, ensuring that they have demonstrated full compliance with information security best practice, and are able to provide standard documentation to you around the devices.
Ealing Borough Council is London’s fourth largest borough, which is in the heart of West London. As part of the Future Ealing programme, the council has identified ways to make the borough better, one of which is ‘Tackling Inequality’ To read more about the work they are doing with Donate your Device and fighting inequality Click here.
Digital Poverty Alliance’s vision is to live in world which enables everyone to access the life changing benefits that digital brings. Their mission is to end digital poverty by 2030. To read more about the fantastic work they do Click here.